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Ce blog est destiné à mes (chers) élèves, pour qu’ils puissent réviser, y retrouver ce qui a été fait en classe, mais aussi découvrir de nouvelles choses, et, pourquoi pas, s’amuser… 😉

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Elie Kakou (RIP) – Le prof d’anglais

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(Many thanks to Thomas for his precious help with this blog…)

Sequence Once Upon a Time…

k5058491Dear 5ème,

We have started a sequence of lessons about fairy tales : Once Upon a Time…

Your final task will be to write your own fairy tale and tell it to your classmates.

Step 1 was about Discovering some vocabulary and famous fairy tales.

Sequence 6 – Step 1 – Fairy Tales

You can revise the names of the most famous fairy tales here. Here is some fairy tales-related vocabulary.

An exercise about WHO or WHICH here. Also here. Another exercise here (more difficult, with WHOSE – possession- and WHOM – when the pronoun replaces the object = le COD).


Here you can read some fairy tales written in German by some French pupils.

And a document with the equivalents of fairy tales titles in English / French / German: Fairy Tales Bilangue.

Enjoy ! – Viel Spaß !


Sequence Shopping in England

shoppingMy dear sixièmes,

We are doing a sequence of lessons about Shopping in England.

In Step 1, we studied British money and prices.

Sequence 6 – Step 1 Shopping

In Step 2, we are learning the names of different British shops.

Sequence 6 – Step 2 Shopping


You have a test next week, so here are some exercises to revise the first 2 steps.

You can revise British money here (very interesting). Another good exercise here.

Here, you can listen to the names of shops to memorise them ! Then you can do this exercise (click on the next page at the top to continue). You can also do these exercises.

(To be continued…)

Good luck and I hope you liked your trip to Canterbury 😉 !

HDA – Norman Rockwell – The Problem We All Live With


Dear all,

Voici les documents utilisés / distribués sur le tableau de Norman Rockwell : The Problem We All Live With.

Deux fiches récapitulatives :

Fiche Histoire des Arts Rockwell 1

Fiche Histoire des Arts Rockwell 2

Ainsi qu’un diaporama avec des pistes de réflexion…

HDA – Norman Rockwell – The Problem We All Live With

Good luck !

Sequence My Daily Routine

Daily routineMy dear sixième,

We have started a sequence of lessons about daily routine. In your final task, you will have to present your routine / daily habits.

Step 1 is called Telling the Time.

Sequence 5 – Step 1 – Routine

Here are some exercises to revise !

telling_the_time illustration

An exercise here. Other exercises here and here. Also here.

And a very complete exercise I made especially for you, guys !

And here, you can create your own clock to practise !

Step 2 is about Daily activities, and everyday actions.

Sequence 5 – Step 2 – Routine

Here you can revise some vocabulary. You can listen to the actions here. An exercise here (click on the next page at the top).

And here, a vocabulary video !

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Step 3 is called Free Time and Habits.

Sequence 5 – Step 3 – Routine

Keep up the good work !

Sequence Write a Sports Report

Sports Philip Martin

Dear all,

We are working on a sequence of lessons about sports, and your final task will be to write a sports report.

In Step 1, we talked about sports and expressing likes and dislikes. We also revised the present simple.

Sequence 5 – Step 1 – Sports Report

In Step 2, we worked on comparisons (comparing sports).

Sequence 5 – Step 2 – Sports Report

Paul & Julie comparing sports :

Helen & Tracy talking about ballet and hip hop :

Before I upload the rest of the sequence, you can revise a few things

Sports vocabulary in an online exercise here. You can revise the comparative here. And the superlative here. Likes and dislikes here and here.

Step 3 was entitled Talk about an Experience. We also worked on a sports report on the radio.

Sequence 5 – Step 3 – Sports Report

Step 4 is called Write in the School Newsletter.

Sequence 5 – Step 4 – Sports Report

Two German-English vocabulary worksheets : Sportarten – Sports & Sports English – German. Games in German : about sports, about individual sports, and about equipment.

Enjoy !