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Ce blog est destiné à mes (chers) élèves, pour qu’ils puissent réviser, y retrouver ce qui a été fait en classe, mais aussi découvrir de nouvelles choses, et, pourquoi pas, s’amuser… ;)

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Elie Kakou (RIP) – Le prof d’anglais

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(Many thanks to Thomas for his precious help with this blog…)

Sequence Stand up to Bullying


Dear Troisième,

We have been working on an anti-bullying campaign. Your final task will be to create a poster with an anti-bullying slogan and a poem.

Step 1 was about defining a bully and bullying. Here’s the presentation we used in class.

Sequence 2 – Step 1 – Bullying

And here’s the recording of the text « Stop the Bullies », if you want to practise your pronunciation…


Step 2 is called « I am the person… ». We are studying an extract from a diary and some videos about bullying.

Sequence 2 – Step 2 – Bullying

Here’s the video we are going to work on next week (if you want a preview) …

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Here is the video advert against bullying:

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To work on your grammar, here are some exercises about relative clauses : here, here, here and here.



If you want, you can go to this page and do an online exercise about a song : Johnny, by Craig David.

Sequence Let’s Eat American Style !

american-breakfastMy dear Choupis,

The final task of this new sequence will be to act a dialogue in an American restaurant.

Step 1 is called Breakfast Time.

Séquence 2 – Step 1 – Eat American Style

Exercises to revise all this : food, breakfast. A picture dictionary about breakfast. In German, a game about drinks, one about fruit and vegetables, and one about food at the restaurant. A worksheet about breakfast : Breakfast English-German. Picture dictionary with the pronunciation (turn your speakers on) : here and here.

Just for fun, a scene from Little Miss Sunshine, with the family ordering breakfast…

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Step 2 is called Lunch at the Diner. Here are some images of American diners…

You can listen to the Spring Diner’s menu.

And here is the presentation we used in class :

Séquence 2 – Step 2 – Eat American Style

Step 3 is about going to a restaurant and discovering new menus.

Séquence 2 – Step 3 – Eat American Style

And here are the recordings of these menus :


(To be continued…)

Enjoy !

Sequence My Ideal School

School is cool clipartMy dear Padawans,

We’ve started a sequence of lessons about your ideal school. Your final task will be to create a timetable, and write a letter to describe your ideal school day and the rules in your dream school.

Step 1 was about timetables and school subjects.

Sequence 3 – My Ideal School – Step 1

And here is an exercise to revise the school subjects. More excellent exercises here and here. And exercises about timetables here and here (listening comprehension).

In Step 2, we are studying the British and American school systems and a typical school day.

You can listen to the Pledge of Allegiance (and learn it by heart !) :

And here is the presentation we studied in class :

Sequence 3 – My Ideal School – Step 2

You can also watch this video about Jamie’s school day in England (again…) :

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

And here is Erik’s typical schoolday in England.

Step 3 is about school rules.

You can revise modal verbs here and here. An exercise about « be allowed to » (simple). Another exercise here (very good).

An excellent exercise about school rules.

Sequence 3 – My Ideal School – Step 3


A worksheet with school subjects in English and German : School Subjects English – German. A worksheet about telling the time : Uhrzeit-Time. A timetable in English & German : Timetable English-German. A game in German. Another about school objects.

(To be continued…)