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Ce blog est destiné à mes (chers) élèves, pour qu’ils puissent réviser, y retrouver ce qui a été fait en classe, mais aussi découvrir de nouvelles choses, et, pourquoi pas, s’amuser… ;)

Pour commencer !

Elie Kakou (RIP) – Le prof d’anglais

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(Many thanks to Thomas for his precious help with this blog…)

Sequence My Daily Routine

Daily routineMy dear sixième,

We have started a sequence of lessons about daily routine. In your final task, you will have to present your routine / daily habits.

Step 1 is called Telling the Time.

Sequence 5 – Step 1 – Routine

Here are some exercises to revise !

telling_the_time illustration

An exercise here. Other exercises here and here. Also here.

And a very complete exercise I made especially for you, guys !

And here, you can create your own clock to practise !

Step 2 is about Daily activities, and everyday actions.

Here you can revise some vocabulary. You can listen to the actions here. An exercise here (click on the next page at the top).

And here, a vocabulary video !

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Keep up the good work !

Sequence Write a Sports Report

Sports Philip Martin

Dear all,

We are working on a sequence of lessons about sports, and your final task will be to write a sports report.

In Step 1, we talked about sports and expressing likes and dislikes. We also revised the present simple.

Sequence 5 – Step 1 – Sports Report

In Step 2, we worked on comparisons (comparing sports).

Sequence 5 – Step 2 – Sports Report

Paul & Julie comparing sports :

Helen & Tracy talking about ballet and hip hop :

Before I upload the rest of the sequence, you can revise a few things

Sports vocabulary in an online exercise here. You can revise the comparative here. And the superlative here. Likes and dislikes here and here.

Two German-English vocabulary worksheets : Sportarten – Sports & Sports English – German. Games in German : about sports, about individual sports, and about equipment.

To be continued…

Sequence Let’s Go Shopping !


My dear Choupis,

We’ve started a sequence of lessons about going shopping. Your final task will be a role play in a clothes shop / store. Here are the presentations we used in class…

Step 1 : we talked about fashion, we revised the comparative and we worked on American pronunciation.

Séquence 4 – Step 1 Shopping

In Step 2, we studied a dialogue in a men’s store.

Séquence 4 – Step 2 Shopping

Step 3 is about a dialogue between a customer and a salesman.

Séquence 4 – Step 3 Shopping

If you want to revise or learn more…

An exercise about the pronouns one/ones here. Pictionaries (with the pronunciation when you place the cursor over an image) of men’s clothing and women’s clothing. A little dialogue in video here. Another video here.

German and English clothes vocabulary : German English – Kleider Clothes. And a game in German here !

Enjoy, guys !

Sequence Australian Adventures

Australia-imageDear all,

We are working on a sequence of lessons about Australia.

In Step 1, we discovered the geography of Australia and some other countries of the world and Europe.

Sequence 3 – Australia – Step 1

In Step 2, we started working on the Present Perfect and we talked about experiences…

Sequence 3 – Australia – Step 2

To learn more, a page with interesting exercises here. Also a game about « the countries I have visited » here. A game about the present perfect with pictures and sentences to match here. Another activity with the present perfect here. And again here ! And to revise for and since (3 exercises, click on « next » at the bottom).

Step 3 was called « How Adventurous Are You ? », we worked on letters and pronunciation.

Sequence 3 – Australia – Step 3

Enjoy, guys !