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Ce blog est destiné à mes (chers) élèves, pour qu’ils puissent réviser, y retrouver ce qui a été fait en classe, mais aussi découvrir de nouvelles choses, et, pourquoi pas, s’amuser… ;)

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Elie Kakou (RIP) – Le prof d’anglais

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(Many thanks to Thomas for his precious help with this blog…)

Sequence Australian Adventures

Australia-imageDear all,

We are working on a sequence of lessons about Australia.

In Step 1, we discovered the geography of Australia and some other countries of the world and Europe.

Sequence 3 – Australia – Step 1

In Step 2, we started working on the Present Perfect and we talked about experiences…

Sequence 3 – Australia – Step 2

To learn more, a page with interesting exercises here. Also a game about « the countries I have visited » here. A game about the present perfect with pictures and sentences to match here. Another activity with the present perfect here. And again here ! And to revise for and since (3 exercises, click on « next » at the bottom).

Enjoy, guys !


Sequence Describe Your Family

happy-familyMy little Padawans,

We’ve started a sequence about describing your family.

Step 1 was about the Simpsons family (and the British royal family too).

Sequence 4 – Family – Step 1

With an online exercise here. Also here and here. Also a vocabulary worksheet with family words in English and German : Fiche voc bilangue Family. With a very nice game here

Here’s the royal family tree : British Royal Family Tree

Step 2 was about physical description.

Sequence 4 – Family – Step 2

Step 3 was about describing character and personality, with adjectives.

Sequence 4 – Family – Step 3

(to be continued…)

Here are some games and tools to revise English and German : the family (here), personality adjectives (here), adjectives in German (here), physical description (here) and the comparative (here).

Enjoy ! / Viel Spaß !


Sequence Superheroes


My dear Sixièmes,

We’ve started a sequence about Superheroes. Your final task will be to create and to present your superhero to the class.

Step 1 is called « The heroes they all know » and is about famous heroes.

Séquence 3 – Step 1

Step 2 was about physical description.

Séquence 3 – Step 2

To practice physical description with Disney characters (presentation found on ESL, thanks!)

Physical Description with Disney Characters

Step 3 was entitled « Amazing Superheroes » (about abilities and powers).

Séquence 3 – Step 3

Enjoy !